MINNESOTA SPORTS FAN DAILY: Thursday, September 14, 2017

MSF Daily: 9/14/17

Twins vs Padres in Game 2 of 2

Ervin Santana brought his game face on Wednesday night. He hasn’t been as efficient of late, giving up 8 earned runs in 11.2 innings, over his last 2 starts.

That isn’t the Ervin Santana we saw busting through lineups, on his way to an all-star game, earlier in the year. That changed Wednesday. Ervin was back. He completed 6 innings, giving up just 3 hits and 0 runs, while striking out 7. He was DOMINANT.

The hitting was lagging. The bats must have been tired after putting up 16 in Tuesday’s game. But the pitching was good for the 2nd night in a row.

The Twins got their first run in the 2nd off a wild pitch. They wouldn’t get another one in regular innings. It was a pitcher’s duel. But in the 10th, Eddie Rosario came to the plate with a guy on base.

The Angels look like they will get a win to stay within 2 games of the Twins for that 2nd Wild Card spot. The Twins can’t afford to rest on the lead. There are still 17 games left. 1 small swoon could ruin everything.

Jose Berrios will take the mound on Thursday against the Canadian Adversary, the Toronto Blue Jays. He will open the series dueling Brett Anderson who has a 5.90 ERA and the most generic name on earth.

Mejia Back and Starting Saturday; Sano Still Swinging:

It looks like the Twins have found their 5th starter. It will be a familiar face but it will NOT be Aaron Slegers. According to Paul Molitor, Adalberto Mejia has earned his starting role back after a DL stint and then rehab assignment:

“He’s proven that he’s ready to come back and, hopefully, help us.”

Mejia was 4-5 with a 4.77 ERA before he left the lineup in August. He showed some flashes though, and maybe he will be the latest Twin to over-perform in a big spot. If Gibson can do it, then why the hell not?

Miguel Sano is still swinging but did not run at all or do much of anything else today. After such a positive report yesterday, it is a little nerve-racking that they backed him off. Lavelle doesn’t mention any set-backs though so I am going to try to stay positive.

Here is the full story:

Zach Parise Enters Camp With Possible Back Injury..; Foligno Signed by Thursday?

According to 2 Michael Russo sources, Zach Parise tweaked his back recently which would explain his recent absences from team skates. Zach Parise and back injuries have a dangerous history, unfortunately. Parise missed the back end of the season 2 years ago because of a herniated disk. So we will monitor that VERY closely.

Russo also mentions Marcus Foligno’s current contract situation. Fletcher and Foligno’s agent have been in contract discussions since he was traded here earlier this offseason. Yet, they haven’t been able to settle on a deal. Foligno is still attending team events and expected to sign. Russo does say that a lot of these deals take until the last-minute to finalize..

“In these type of situations, chances are still good that both sides will find middle ground and consummate a deal by the nighttime or bright and early Thursday morning.”

U of M Football Sporting Goldy Gopher Birthday Edition Helmets Saturday:

The University of Minnesota Football team will make its boldest helmet move possibly ever… They will sport Goldy on the entire left side. I f**king LOVE these things. This is PJ and his marketing genius at work. College kids eat this shit up.

The video surprising Goldy with the new look is another genius move.

Timberwolves 3rd Uniform Leaked:

Conrad Burry leaked the Timberwolves logo before it was introduced. Now, he is calling these Timberwolves uniforms the 3rd out of 4 new uniforms the Wolves will wear starting this season. The first two dropped a month or two ago.

It isn’t the first time we have seen this lime green style. It was rumored they would look a lot like this when the first two were released. Nonetheless, it seems to be all but official now.

Marbury Doubles Down on NBA Comeback and Names MN as Landing Spot:

Marbury mentioned an NBA comeback at the age of 40 on Tuesday night. People weren’t sure if he was serious or not. He seems to be doubling down. And now, he has listed Minnesota as a landing spot… Interesting…

My thoughts on this thing that will never happen:

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