Lynx Head Coach Cheryl Reeve Mad at WNBA for Spotlighting Caitlin Clark, Indiana Fever

Cheryl Reeve, Caitlin Clark
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Cheryl Reeve and the Minnesota Lynx are tipping their exhibition season off tonight against the Chicago Sky, but you wouldn’t know it from the WNBA’s social media feed, which chose to highlight the Indiana Fever versus Dallas Wings in Caitlin Clark’s preseason debut instead.

Cheryl Reeve mad at Caitlyn Clark?

So, Reeve responded by quote tweeting information about the Lynx’s preseason debut. Yet, as Reeve pointed out, fans aren’t even able to watch the Lynx start their season, unless they’re at the Target Center.

Our favorite part of the tweet was Reeve perhaps mocking the tweet’s words, “Let’s start this season off right,” followed by a checkmark. As you may or may not have noticed, Reeve ended her message with a very similar tone, “…as we start the season off right,” followed by that same green checkmark.

Was Reeve upset that the WNBA’s official social media page chose to omit the Lynx from their mentions? Yes, she clearly was. Considering there are just two games on today’s schedule, did Cheryl not expect that at least one of those games would be Caitlyn Clark?

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It may be difficult for Reeve and other WNBA players/coaches to wrap their brains around it but Caitlyn Clark is going to make woman in the NBA a lot more money than they are making today. Cheryl and others should embrace that, not push it away.

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