Minnesota Gophers’ Sophomore (SF) Amir Coffey Out For Season

Nov 18, 2016; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Gophers guard Amir Coffey (5) celebrates his basket against the St Johns Red Storm in the first half at Williams Arena. Mandatory Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Wow… what a terrible season. At least it’s ov…. oops… no it’s not. The Gophers still have 3 games left and what is likely to be just 1 Big Ten Tournament game, after (insert team here) beats them.

It’s quite the downfall. And, an unexpected one at that. I’m not sure what Richard Pitino did to piss off the basketball gods. Maybe they are punishing him for his dad’s transgressions.


Either way, it’s tough to come back from losing 4 of your top 6 players to injury or sexual assault allegations, while guys like Fitzgerald and Washington took longer to acclimate to the Big Ten than expected.

Either way, it’s been ugly and hard to watch.

We’ve written the good-old, positive, bring you up-type of articles as recently as this week, but after seeing this, I don’t really feel like being all that peppy. Not at 7:45 PM, after a busy Saturday, while I start to wonder if waking up at 5AM on Saturday mornings is really worth it. It certainly doesn’t help that I’m staring at a kitchen I haven’t cleaned up yet, because this news broke, that will be followed by the unloading and reloading of a full dishwasher.

Anyways, the Gopher basketball season is a dumpster fire. “Look to the future.” “Get ’em next time.” “There’s always next year.”

All that stuff. I need to hit the reset button. See you in the morning, Minnesota.


Eric Strack (Founder/Editor)
Minnesota Sports Fan
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