Pharrel Payne and Elijah Hawkins’ New NIL Deals are Insane

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Pharrel Payne and Elijah Hawkins, who played crucial roles for the Minnesota Gophers basketball team this past season, have made the decision to transfer for mure lucrative NIL opportunities down in Texas.

Payne has opted to continue his collegiate career at Texas A&M, while Hawkins has chosen Texas Tech. This means both players won’t be wearing maroon and gold jerseys next season.

In today’s world of college sports, transferring has become increasingly common. Many athletes are drawn to the possibility of greater financial rewards or a more lucrative NIL deal elsewhere. In his latest column, Charley Walters (Pioneer Press) revealed some intriguing numbers, making it no shock in why they decided to transfer.

Former Minnesota Gophers, Pharrel Payne and Elijah Hawkins are making NIL bank with new teams

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Pharrel Payne, originally from Cottage Grove, has long been touted for his promising talent during his time with the Gophers. Now, he’s set to take his skills to Texas A&M, marking a significant step in his athletic journey. According to Walters, Payne is poised to earn a hefty $40,000 monthly salary… and a Mercedes.

Hawkins caused quite a stir when he suddenly revealed his decision to transfer, just a week after affirming his commitment to staying for another season with the Gophers. Almost as quickly as he made his announcement, he committed to Texas A&M, and it’s no surprise that he’s expected to receive a hefty financial package there too.

There’s buzz that ex-Gopher Pharrel Payne will get $40,000 a month over two years in NIL money from Texas A&M, plus use of a new Mercedes automobile. Another Gophers transfer, Elijah Hawkins, reportedly is getting $30,000 from Texas Tech.

Charley Walters – Pioneer Press

It’s becoming clearer as Walters disclosed the NIL budget for the Gophers, revealing it’s only a quarter of what the top schools in the Big Ten, like Illinois and Purdue, have at a hefty $2.5 million.

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