Gopher Legend Gable Steveson Dropped by WWE Because He Didn’t Have ‘It’

Gable Steveson, WWE
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The greatest wrestler in Minnesota Gophers history and one of the greatest amateur wrestlers in the history of the sport, Gable Steveson, was dropped like a disappointing NFL training camp invite on Saturday, after a very disappointing professional acting career that never really got started.

What does this mean for the future of Gable Steveson? It could mean a lot of things. He has one year left of college eligibility remaining so it is possible he could return to collegiate wrestling, likely the Minnesota Gophers.

Can Gable Steveson compete in the Olympics?

An Olympic appearance in Paris isn’t possible, because he missed out on the Olympic trials. That’s a cruel reality for him to face, being he avoided another attempt at Olympic gold, because the WWE wanted him to focus on his professional wrestling career. Now, that same company has fired him.

The timing of the cut is especially cruel because had it been a few weeks earlier, [Steveson] could have competed in the Olympic trials, which, based on his 2023 performance, he’d have been the heavy favorite. He would have been a favorite for either a gold or silver medal in the Olympics this summer had he done so, but it’s too late to make the U.S. team, as [Mason] Parris will be the heavyweight.

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Another option would be a lower level pro wrestling platform than the WWE. Some on social media have thrown TNA wrestling out as a possible Steveson suitor.

Why was Gable Steveson cut by WWE?

As to why Steveson got the WWE boot, well… he just didn’t have the ‘it factor’. He came up with extremely high expectations that he never got close to reaching. And once there was doubt surrounding what kind of professional wrestler he could be, the fans of the WWE started really taking a disliking to him.

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To the point where they seemed worried about even putting him in the ring. In the end, Steveson logged on WWE appearance in his long anticipated, ultimately disaster run with the house that Vince McMahon built.

“There were just some intangibles he didn’t have in terms of charisma and ring timing and emoting in a way that’s necessary to pull fans emotionally to the stories that athletes tell in the ring during matches,” Keller said. “I’m sure the WWE didn’t make the decision lightly given how much they did invest in him.”

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