Mike Zimmer Takes Shot at Governor Walz for Empty US Bank Stadium

Minnesota Vikings Head Coach, Mike Zimmer, had a regularly scheduled zoom press conference this morning. Per usual, it was must-see TV. This time, his target wasn’t Chris Tomasson or anyone else in the media. Nope, Zim had Governor Tim Walz in his crosshairs.

On Wednesday, the Vikings announced there would be no fans at US Bank Stadium for the remainder of 2020. There’s little doubt about who Zimmer blames for that decision.

Sorry about the glitch in the middle of the video. There must be an anti-Walz program in the software I used to cut it. I’ll have it looked into…

Other stadiums around the country have had fans in them for months and have had next to zero spread reported. Many states have had looser restrictions, in general, and don’t have booming cases like what Minnesota has. But that’s what happens when you govern on optics and not on what makes sense.

Zimmer knows what we all know. The Minnesota Vikings are one of the most careful and COVID-sensitive organizations in the league. They were doing COVID protocols before the NFL was and helped lay the groundwork for many of the actions and safety measures the league has instituted now for all teams.

US Bank Stadium should have fans in it but it doesn’t, because of Governor Tim Walz. I’m glad we have a head football coach who is willing to call a spade a spade. In fact, I think Mike Zimmer deserves a raise and extension.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan