Mike Zimmer Showed Up Prepared for Wednesday’s Press Conference

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Minnesota Vikings head coach, Mike Zimmer, has been under fire throughout his tenure. But since losing in exhaustingly boring fashion vs the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football, Zim’s really feeling the heat. You can’t do an internet search about Tupperware without running into an article or blog calling Mike Zimmer terrible names or asking for his coaching head on a silver platter.

So with his back up against the wall, Zimmer showed up rather prepared for Wednesday’s press conference with local media. He seemed in a decent mood, even throwing in some smiles and winks, but he wasn’t about to be pushed around by any media bullies this week.

That’s right, Zim brought receipts (probably stats from pro-football-reference.

Petty Mike

This maneuver by Mike Zimmer doesn’t surprise me at all. He’s never been one to take blame for anything and we shouldn’t have expected him to start this week. We all know the Minnesota Vikings offense gets way too conservative when it gets into scoring position and that cautious approach seems to get worse as games go on.

That’s a major part of why they’re bad in the red zone. They’re afraid. But it’s not just about the red zone and Mike knows that. It’s about how plays are called once they cross midfield. If Zim thinks he can get points on the board for his defense, even if it’s only three, he starts pulling back his offensive horses. God forbid someone make a mistake and his defense actually has to go out and prove itself in a tough spot. Or even worse, the offense wins them a game and his defense isn’t needed.

When Mike Zimmer gets fired at the end of this season, I’ll miss all of the great press conference clips and day-to-day fodder he gives us on a regular basis.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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