Mike Zimmer and Dallas Cowboys Finally Agree to Terms on DC Contract

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We all thought Minnesota Vikings head coach, Mike Zimmer, had the defensive coordinator job with the Dallas Cowboys wrapped up. Literally every major reporter in the NFL who matters said it was a done deal. Rapoport, Pelissero, Fowler and Adam Schefter all reported Zimmer back to the Cowboys was happening.

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But that was before contract negotiations apparently went off the rails, in recent days. It was a bit odd that the Cowboys were taking so long to officially announce the Zimmer hire, but former New York Jets and Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan blew the story into a different stratosphere on Sunday night, after the Super Bowl.

Mike Zimmer deal with Dallas Cowboys was momentarily in flux

During the postgame show, while live from ESPN’s on-site sideline set in Las Vegas, Ryan announced to the entire football world that he didn’t believe Zim to Dallas was happening for sure. How would Rex know what’s going on behind the scenes in Jerry World better than the league’s top insider?

Because he was the other finalist to become Cowboys DC, prior to Mike Zimmer being offered the job last week. Clearly, Ryan was told not to give up hope yet. Why?

After his colleague caught him off-guard during that ESPN segment, Schefter did some more digging and found out that Jerry Jones and Zimmer have struggled to work out the details of his new contract, thus the entire thing is in danger of falling apart. Here’s the entire back and forth, as explained today by Schefty on The Pat McAfee Show

Zim, Jerry Jones finally agree to terms on DC contract

From the way he approached his appearance today with McAfee, it seemed like Adam Schefter was still expecting Mike Zimmer to get the Cowboys’ DC job, and he was right. On Monday afternoon, Jerry and his old pal Zim finally agreed to terms, according to Tom Pelissero (NFL Network).

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It seems strange to me that the hold up in these conversations would have come down to money. Zimmer has never been a guy who needs a lot of money. I have no knowledge of happened behind the scenes in Dallas and I do not know Mike personally.

But after following him very closely for nearly a decade while head coach of the Vikings, I’d imagine whatever disagreements are happening behind the scenes have more to do with his control over defensive strategy and personnel decisions.

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