Is the Media Turning on Mike Zimmer?

WTF is going on with Sam Bradford?

That’s the question on EVERYONE’s mind today? And do we know anything further? Not really… Mike Zimmer definitely doesn’t… more on that shortly.

We had some minor news on the whole Sam Bradford knee injury today, but it wasn’t much.

I have a couple of thoughts on this situation. First, it sounds like we will be talking about this all week. I doubt Bradford is a full participant during practice this week. It doesn’t seem like this injury is directly related to his ACL surgeries of the past, which is good news. We will just have to watch closely. The Vikings don’t stand much of a chance vs. Tampa Bay without him.

2nd, the media might be turning on Mike Zimmer… Yesterday he gave a press conference that may live in Minnesota infamy… with a quote included that WILL DEFINITELY be remembered for a long time.

Obviously, this was a stupid thing to say. Sam Bradford is not fine if he might be out another 6 weeks. However, today after some time to cool down, Zim admitted to being a bit frustrated immediately following the game; which led to this “facetious” comment. He even quipped about the situation:

I LOVED this shit. Guess what? I didn’t play competitive football but I have played the game plenty. I’ve played a lot of competitive sports in my life, at a few different levels. Want to know what never changed? I F**KING HATE LOSING. Whether it’s wiffle ball in the back yard, a dart game at the bar, or a varsity sport in high school, that fact never changes. Zimmer obviously hates it too. But he is a professional. So, he has a microphone shoved in his face when he gets done with a tough loss.

It is part of the job. I get it. I thought his comments were stupid too. If he would have come out and doubled down like he has in the past, I’d be ripping him right next to everyone else. But he didn’t. He laughed it off and even apologized. Some media members thought that was all that was needed (See the above tweets).

Some though, grabbed onto one quote that, when listened to in context, was sincere and not guarded like his presser right after the game. Here it is. Let’s see if you can find the quote that was grabbed. Don’t cheat and look below:

If you guessed the “crystal ball” comment…. YOU ARE CORRECT AND WIN NOTHING!!!!

Apparently the media REALLY cares about Zimmer’s availability to a crystal ball. The guy was a totally different person on Monday. You read those headlines and you can’t help but think Zimmer was sounding off again. I know you need readers and viewers. So do we. But don’t attack our coach. The fans still like him.

Eric Strack
Minnesota Sports Fan @RealMNSportsFan

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