LSU Term Sheet Reveals More Modest Salary for Wes Johnson

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Sunday evening, we found out that Minnesota Twins pitching coach, Wes Johnson, was leaving the organization for Louisiana State University. On Monday, it was reported by The Athletic that his new salary would be worth double what he was making with the Twins.

But after a records request at the school was fulfilled later in the afternoon, we’re finding that not to be the case at all. The request was filed by LSU’s beat reporter for The Athletic, Brody Miller. The term sheet he was granted shows a much smaller salary for Wes Johnson, than the $750K first reported.

Instead, Johnson will make near the same money ($380K/yr + incentives) with his new collegiate employer, as what he was making with the Twins.

Wes Johnson Wanted Out, But Why?

It’s clear that Wes Johnson was motivated to leave the Minnesota Twins. It’s just not clear as to why, or what made him jump ship mid-voyage. A huge bump in salary, for a job that wouldn’t have been available in October, made sense.

That doesn’t appear to be what happened, though. Sure, Johnson has family in the south and life as a pitching coach in the NCAA may be less-taxing too. But timing matters. And the profound confusion, surrounding his departure and new salary, makes it all the more brow-raising.

Still, questions about how much Wes is getting paid with LSU could go down in history as a mystery because even at The Athletic, where all of this reporting is taking place, they have no idea how much he’s really making.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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