Loons are Hottest Team in Minnesota

Photo: Minnesota United FC
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Hi, I’m Clem, and I still write for this website. I’ve been on a hiatus from MinnesotaSportsFan.com over the last several weeks, due to a busy summer, and my day job bending me over the desk like a slutty secretary trying to get that promotion. It was not consensual.

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I’m back to write about the hottest team in Minnesota. No, it’s not the Twins. It’s the team you all love to hate (Stracks of the MSF Podcast): The Minnesota Loons. The baby blue boys have now won 4 straight games, outscoring their opponents 14-4, in that span. The recent winning streak has propelled The United into the 4th seed in the western conference, just 2 points behind the 2nd slot. Which should basically be consider 1st, since no one is going to catch the New England Patriots of the MLS, the LAFC. To put it into perspective, the Loons have scored the 3rd most goals in the MLS this season with 37, LAFC has scored 53. Geez, settle down Tom Brady.

Minnesota’s most recent win over Dallas is arguably the most impressive during the winning streak, even more so than the 7-1 ass-whooping over Cincinnati 2+ weeks ago. Minnesota and Dallas are both battling for position atop the Western Conference. The good guys came out on top, behind Mason Toye’s rebound, turned goal, in the 91st minute. Not to over-shadow the real hero of the match, Minnesota goalkeeper Vito Mannone, who made 6 saves and played outstanding. His biggest moment came on a penalty shot save with time running out. For those of you who don’t know soccer very well, saving a penalty shot is as likely as the founder of this website (Eric) getting laid anytime in the near future. It just doesn’t happen.

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The Loons will try to make it 5-in-a-row this Saturday in Salt Lake City, against another western conference team who finds themselves right in the thick of things. If MNUFC can pull off another W on the road, they could potentially leap into the 2nd spot in the west. If that happens, the hype train will switch into a whole new gear, and you bet you ass I’ll be driving. Playoff soccer in Minnesota is looking more and more feasible by the day, which most likely means snowy playoff soccer. The state of Minnesota could be in for a real treat come this fall, between playoff soccer, playoff baseball and the Vikings taking back the north. Stay tuned.

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DISCLAIMER: The Loons have ACTUALLY won 7 games in a row if you count their success in the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup. Just in case someone wanted to look on their handy dandy ESPN app and count 7 wins without a loss instead of 4. It has been a winning streak of 4 MLS regular season games. So chill out, the US Open Cup run will be left for another article.

Clem Clemans | Minnesota Sports Fan