Laquon Treadwell A Viking Once Again

Photo: Paul Sancya, Associated Press
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I hope you didn’t send Laquon Treadwell any hate-mail before he left town after Vikings Training Camp, because he wasn’t even able to escape for a month before being roped back into the Twin Cities.

With new injuries poking holes into an already depleted WR depth chart (Chad Beebe – ankle), the Vikings are reportedly bringing him back in to fill as a WR3-4. All in all, I’d say the Vikings are lucky. Laquon is plug and play, for the most part… although, he only got a couple of interviews and zero job offers, after leaving… so take that how you want to…

Wouldn’t it be something if this was the turnaround Treadwell needed? Now, he comes in after looking at himself in the mirror, for a month, and turns into the superstar 1st round receiver we had all hoped he would be? Yeah…. dreams are fun.

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Dreams are fun.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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