Kirill Kaprizov is Still in Russia

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Earlier on Wednesday, word broke out of Russia that Minnesota Wild star, Kirill Kaprizov, had fled the country and made it back to the USA. This, after he realized the Kremlin may be targeting him for a military ID it says he purchased in 2017.

Soon after, Michael Russo (The Athletic) let it be known that Kaprizov’s whereabouts were unknown and that reports he had reached The States could not be confirmed.

Moments ago, we found out why. Kaprizov is still in Russia. Bill Guerin and the Wild told Russo that we shouldn’t hit the panic button and that they’re still trying to gather information too.

Wild general manager Bill Guerin told The Athletic that Kaprizov is still in Russia, contrary to reports that he had fled for the United States.Michael Russo (The Athletic)

According to Russo’s source, we shouldn’t worry about Kirill’s return unless it’s Putin, himself, who’s calling for it. That should make me feel better… but it really doesn’t.

Asked how concerned he is that Kaprizov could be forced to remain in Russia, a source knowledgeable of the goings-on in Russia said he’s not — “unless it’s coming straight from the top, and you know who I mean.” “If it’s coming from the person (Putin), and he says Kirill’s not going anywhere, then he’s not going anywhere,” the source said. “Unless it’s coming from that one person, everybody else is going to be OK. Only one person can make him stay, not nobody else.Michael Russo (The Athletic)

We’re trying not to hit the panic button, Billy. But Kaprizov being wanted by the Kremlin on charges of dodging Russian military duties, seems like a problem worth panicking over.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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