Kevin Durant Throws Shade at Anthony Edwards and His New Shoe; Adidas Responds… Deletes

Kevin Durant, Anthony Edwards, Minnesota Timberwolves
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Anthony Edwards did not play in the Minnesota Timberwolves last game, yet another win, this time against the Utah Jazz. Their 14-4 record, however, has a lot to do with the Twin Cities new blossoming basketball superstar, who has a new signature Adidas shoe releasing on December 16.

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Anthony Edwards loves Kevin Durant

When asked who he’d most like to see wear his new shoe, Ant said Kevin Durant, who he knows is with Nike. Edwards looks up to Durant and appreciates the love he shows for his mom, along with the charity and community work he does for his hometown.

There’s a cool story behind the first release of the AE1 signature shoe line, which includes his mom and grandma’s favorite colors. Both died from cancer in 2015. Ant dove deep into his appreciation for KD and what his first shoe means to him, in a recent interview he did to promote the release.

Of course, Kevin Durant is with Nike, which Ant knows and we already mentioned. So, it was unlikely, at best, that KD would ever slip Ant’s Adidas on for an NBA game. Nike would not appreciate that very much.

So Kevin will probably just slip Anthony a quick text message thanking him for the shoutout and respectfully turn down Ant’s ‘request’ for him to wear his new shoes, right? Wrong. Not the Kevin Durant we’ve come to know and love. That guy would probably just take to twitter and be an asshole.

KD responds… like KD does

Oh wait, I’m getting word now that that’s exactly what happened…

Even better, Adidas replied with a tweet they’ve since deleted that read “u dusty bouta retire soon anyway”.

This exchange is yet the latest example of why Twitter (now X) has to be the GOAT social media app. Maybe Kevin Durant and Anthony Edwards are best friends and both laughing at all of this behind the scenes.

But if not, and KD really is being an asshole in front of the entire NBA world, I’m excited to see Ant use this exchange to get better and eventually light him up in a big moment.

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