KAT/Embiid Postgame Instagram Fight Even Better Than Real On-Court Scuffle

Photo: @BleacherReport - Twitter
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If you have been around anything with a connection to the real world, last night or this morning (internet, TV, radio, etc.), you are aware of a fight that took place in Philadelphia, on the court of the Wells Fargo Center, during the 3rd quarter of Sixers vs Wolves game. It was a knock-down, drag-out heavyweight fight, between Karl-Anthony Towns and Joel Embiid. If you’ve been out of touch with the real world until now, you can click here to see what unfolded.

Because this blog is not for the fight itself, but the ass-kicking that took place on social media afterward. First though, let’s show you the postgame interview by KAT because it is proof that Karl-Anthony Towns couldn’t lose last night, no matter what happened on the scoreboard.

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That might be the greatest most competitive interview of all time. I’ve written about it and talked about it (just like everyone else) but this is a new KAT we are dealing with this year. He wants heads on fucking platters. I don’t know what it was, that flipped his switch, but I don’t want the old KAT back. No. I want this KAT here for good.

Anyway… before I start going too hard on my new-found love for Karl-Anthony Towns, let’s get into how big of a bitch Joel Embiid looked like, after the game, when the two went to social media. After giving the real media nothing but “competetive” quotes, Karl didn’t hide anything or play passive aggressive on social media.

Embiid is known for his social media saavy….. but he might need some new lessons, because he looked like a social media bitch last night. Here are the posts, in chronological order.

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Wow… so, after Ben Simmons bails Embiid out of a Karl-Anthony Towns ass-kicking, he goes to social media to drag Jimmy Butler’s fake-ass back into this bullshit??? WTF are you thinking? And then, after already posting about it on his own IG, Joel jumps into the replies of Karl, who is just running train all over him, with expert-level internet trolling…

So upset that he can’t see his reply in Towns’ feed, Embiid buries himself with a picture of it to his story??? KAT is a big mother fucker but he seems extra comfortable up in Joel Embiid’s head. How long do you think Embiid waited for KAT to reply back to him or to throw more shade, last night? Has he slept at all, since?

This is pathetic on a stupid scale.

I don’t care what basketball game was played last night. Wednesday’s game, and its aftermath, has completely re-written the narrative on Karl-Anthony Towns. He was well on his way to setting whatever narrative he wants, for his play on the court, because KAT is going to be a DOMINANT force in this league for years to come. It’s the “toughness” narrative that Towns turned on its face, Wednesday. That makeover was much more needed, than anything on the court, after Jimmy trashed his reputation around the league, over the last two seasons.

It’s pretty crazy how one night of real/social media fighting with Joel Embiid, can change all of that work Jimmy put in, in just one night.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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