KAT Claims Account Was Hacked After Liking #FreeKAT Tweet


The Minnesota Timberwolves are in a funk on the court so, naturally, Karl-Anthony Towns rumors are already being thrown around. But this time, Towns isn’t helping himself. Earlier today, KAT’s Twitter account “liked” a tweet replying #FreeKAT to in an ongoing thread.

To fans who didn’t grow up in the social media age, this means nothing. To the younger generation of fans, they’ll see a bigger significance. Towns added to the drama when he sent a tweet claiming his account had gotten hacked and that’s why the random tweet in that random Twitter thread was liked by his account.


Maybe I’m just more creative, but if I hacked into the account of an NBA Star, I would do more than just like a vaguely cryptic “like. I mean, there’s a good chance nobody worth the time even sees that type of internet crime.


Either this is the most boring hacker in history OR (more likely) Karl-Anthony Towns did like the tweet in a bit of frustration after another tough loss in a Minnesota Timberwolves jersey. It’s KAT’s 7th season in the NBA and this latest one is dangerously close to traveling the same path most others have.

Towns isn’t going to request a trade tomorrow but nothing is guaranteed after the season, maybe sooner. If the trade deadline approaches and the Wolves are on a clear path to the lottery again, the rumor mill would be cooking. Who knows where Towns’ head would be in that moment or what kind of offers the Minnesota front office might receive if they start seeing a trade as a more serious option.

Unless you believe he was actually hacked (which nobody really does).

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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