Karl Towns Adamant About “Building a Legacy” in Minnesota

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At this point in time, the Minnesota Timberwolves really hold just one glimmer of hope in an organization that’s shrouded in a decade and a half of darkness. Even with a bad wrist, a two-week COVID hiatus and a lifetime of heartbreak in one offseason, Karl-Anthony Towns returned to the Wolves lineup a few weeks ago and has completely transformed the team with his presence and talent on the court.

In front of a microphone, KAT isn’t my favorite player and I’ve written about what he does that makes me shake my head. But there is no denying his talent on the basketball floor and there’s no denying his loyalty to Minnesota.

He’s now used two straight media appearances, once before Saunders was fired and then earlier today, to express his affinity for the team and state that drafted him. If he’s planning his future exit, he has me fooled. There’s just no reason to keep pounding the drum in this scenario, if it’s not how he feels.

Time will tell…

I believe Karl-Anthony Towns when he says he wants to stay in Minnesota for the rest of his career. I also know how quickly minds can change. It’s human nature.

The Minnesota Timberwolves need to start winning or none of this will matter. Neither the fanbase nor Karl Towns will continue to accept losing. The divorce will be mutual and amicable, should that be how the future plays out. You see some of that “let’s just hit the reset button” talk around already.

But if you think that more “W’s” will bring an end to this talking point, you’re wrong. Winning will only raise KAT’s profile across the league and that won’t end questions about him leaving for a bigger market. The conversation would be a lot more fun to have in that reality, however…

This is a team and a culture that has been built around Karl-Anthony Towns so I appreciate his loyalty to that.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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