Karl-Anthony Towns is Walking Around With a “Chip on His Shoulder”… Again

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Timberwolves Superstar Karl-Anthony Towns is entering his age 25 season and his sixth in the NBA. He is undeniably one of the best scoring centers we have ever seen, and he has all the talent to carry his team to the playoffs… right?

That’s what we keep hearing… and now his new teammate D’angelo Russell, claims he has a new “chip on his shoulder” and an “edge” Russell hasn’t seen from him in the past. Here is Russell on The Old Man & The Three Podcast with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter (DLo talks about KAT around the 36-minute mark).

Drink Up That KAT Kool-Aid

There you have it. Drink up the kool-aid! I’m sure this will be the season Karl-Anthony Towns finally breaks out to become one of the best overall players in the NBA. He now has D’Angelo Russell with him and he’s playing with an edge AND chip on his shoulder… right? Wait, I think we’ve seen this movie before!

Didn’t Towns have “a chip on his shoulder” when Jimmy Butler left? What about that time he said he was “desensitized” to being disrespected, after missing the All Star Game? This is, at least, the fifth time in Towns’ career that he has had a new reason to play with a purpose or “edge” or “a chip”.

It’s time to prove it.

Every year, KAT is destined to take that “next step” and become the MVP player we’ve all heard about. Words only go so far, when your team has just one winning season in your first five.

When Do We See The Change?

Towns has been gifted everything he could want, in a franchise building around him. He now has the coach he wants, a general manager who believes in him (possibly to a fault), Andrew and Jimmy are gone, and his best friend is on the team. The Minnesota Timberwolves are doing whatever it takes to unlock this “killer attitude” from Karl. The owness is on him now.

Don’t get me wrong, Towns is a superstar and I’m excited to watch him team up with DLo this season. Because of injuries and a canceled season, we haven’t seen them on the floor together much.

Karl-Anthony Towns is a former #1 overall pick but hasn’t been able to push the Wolves over .500 without Jimmy Butler. It’s time for KAT to take that final leap this season, or we should accept that it will never happen.

Cooper Carlson | Minnesota Sports Fan

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