Karl-Anthony Towns Gets Cryptic Over Trade Rumors

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Trade rumors and reports surrounding Karl-Anthony Towns have been falling out of the NBA sky since the moment the Minnesota Timberwolves season ended. How real are these whispers? That depends on which insider you ask.

Cryptic Karl talks about his future in Minnesota…

Patrick Beverley’s podcast co-host, Rone, on the Pat Bev Podcast (Barstool Sports), asked Karl how he feels about his future with the squad. To my surprise, Towns’ response was incredibly cryptic and throws a 5-gallon bucket of gas on an already burning pile of KAT trade rumors.

I’d be very interested in knowing what the Timberwolves front office has told Karl-Anthony Towns, regarding all of these trade reports and rumors. Because his answer, when asked about the future, sounds like a player who isn’t sure how his organization feels or whether or not he is part of the long-term plan.

Does that mean Towns will be moved for sure? Of course not. But, there’s no doubt about it now. The KAT trade rumors are worth paying attention to. Karl isn’t in the know on what could eventually happen and clearly doesn’t have any guarantees from Wolves’ brass, regarding his future.

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Karl seemed as if he wanted to vent a little bit more, about what could eventually happen to him this offseason, but Pat Bev was more interested in catching up with an old friend while reminiscing about the time they spent together in Minnesota.

That’s what most of the episode is about. Beverley’s affinity for Towns is obvious and KAT loves Pat right back. Bev believes Karl is one of the most talented and best big men he has ever seen play or played with and sees him as a genuinely good dude.

Stay tuned, this could be a surprisingly busy summer all of a sudden…

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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