NFL Suspends Kareem Jackson 4 games for hit on Josh Dobbs

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Denver Broncos
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For what feels like the 10th time on the season, the Minnesota Vikings turned the ball over on their opening drive Sunday night vs the Denver Broncos, a Josh Dobbs fumble that resulted in a Broncos field goal. In a game the Vikings lost by one point, 21-20, that’s a pretty important three points.

NFL suspends Kareem Jackson for hit on Josh Dobbs

But, those three points are fruit from a poisonous tree, just like the fumble that preceded it. Because the hit from Kareem Jackson was illegal and should have been flagged for a 15-yard penalty, which would have pushed the Vikings into scoring position and negated the fumble that resulted from Jackson’s dirty “targeting” shot on Dobbs.

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Unfortunately, a flag wasn’t thrown so the fumble stands, just like the Broncos’ field goal. On Monday morning, however, the NFL announced it was reviewing the play for potential discipline.

After Pelissero’s tweet, the league announced that it had indeed suspended Jackson four games for the illegal hit on Dobbs. This represents the second time on the season that the safety has been suspended for an illegal hit.

This is frustrating, but as much as I’d love to blame referees for last night’s loss, the Vikings still should have won. It’s hard to be mad at zebras when you can’t get over Mattison’s 4th quarter fumble, Matellus’ dropped 2nd quarter interception and Dobbs’ failed final drive.

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