Kaprizov Named NHL’s First Star of the Week

Photo: Alex Gallardo - AP

Kirill Kaprizov has been an NHL hockey player for one week and that’s exactly how long it took him to become an NHL “Star of the Week”. Even more impressive? He was named the top (First) star.

Kirill “The Thrill” Kaprizov

Kirill Kaprizov could be the greatest thing to ever happen to the Minnesota Wild. Nobody wants to put too much pressure on the kid but it’s difficult not to, when you see him skate.

As many have mentioned, it’s not just about Kirill’s shooting or playmaking ability. He’s the whole package. He works hard, plays the defensive side of the puck and gets dirty… while also skating, handling, shooting and seeing the ice better than everyone else.

As a Minnesota sports fan, I’m still trying to pinch myself. With the Timberwolves still in a losing tunnel of darkness and no forseeable light to look forward to, the Wild could flip Minnesota sports on its head this winter and it’s all because of the excitement that #97 creates.

He will unite old fans and bring in a ton of new ones. He’s the great Russian hope. Here is some Kirill Kaprizov video to get you excited for the Minnesota Wild’s 3rd game of the season tonight at 8PM vs the Anaheim Ducks.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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