Justin Jefferson Ranks as #1 Wide Receiver in NFL by PFF

Photo: Minnesota Vikings

This isn’t the first time you’ve seen Justin Jefferson’s name in the same headline as the popular football rating system created by Pro Football Focus. But on this occasion, we aren’t talking about how he ranks vs college kids or other rookies. No… this time, PFF is ranking Justin Jefferson ahead of every other NFL wide receiver too.

This would make our rookie wide receiver the best in the NFL this season, according to PFF. The truth can’t be controversial, right?

Pro Football Focus grades aren’t perfect and they shouldn’t be the only metric used when judging any football player. The grades are important, however, and they are something even NFL now takes into account when scouting players both under their tutelage and on the outside.


If you’re more of an old-school numbers-type, Jefferson has those too. Remember, he’s coming off an early bye week and didn’t play much early. JJ might not have as many games under his belt in 2020 as other wide receivers around the NFL. Still, (according to pro-football-reference) Jefferson ranks #9 in yards (537), #4 in yards per reception (19.2) and #6 in receiving yards per game (89.5).

Not bad for a rookie whose QB is often-frazzled and has to share targets with Adam Thielen. Oh, and he plays in an offense that looks like it was cultivated in 1918, at times.

Jefferson continues to blossom, however, even as the Minnesota Vikings struggle. If he continues to play well out of the bye week, it’ll be hard to deny him OROY. In fact, right now is a good time to take your money and place it on JJ. Even before the bye week, his odds at rookie of the year were dropping dramatically.

If you trust PFF and you’ve watched Justin play this season with your own two eyes, you should be ready to tap that “place bet” button, when betting opens back up for this week.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan