Justin Jefferson Obsessed with Studying Film and Working; Names Vikings’ Three Worst Dancers in GQ Interview

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Justin Jefferson took over as the premier Minnesota Vikings wide receiver as a rookie in 2021. He played to a level not seen in this town from a rookie since Randy Moss and he has rookie stats and records to prove it.

That’s not enough for JJ, however. He did an interview with GQ Magazine that just released and was asked what he’s done to improve as a wide receiver for his sophomore NFL season. After reading his answer, the better questions would have been “what hasn’t Justin Jefferson done to prepare for next season”?

Justin Jefferson focused on improving in any way possible

“To be honest, I’ve tried to add anything possible. I’ve been watching a lot of guys’ film. I literally sit at the computer all day watching different film, highlights, just different ways to improve my game. I’m always trying to look for different ways to step my game up. Like you said, there’s more film out there on me. There’s more guys looking at me. I’ve got a target on my back now. I’ve got to do better than I did last year. Going into year two I know how the game is now. You know? I’ve experienced it, I’ve got a bit more information, I’m a little bit more comfortable now that I’ve had a year under my belt.”

You’ve said you wanted to add wiggle to your route, wiggle to your swag. How do you cross over a corner in the NFL today?

“Just like one-on-one basketball: like you do at the top of the key with one man and you tell everybody to spread out because you’re trying to get to the goal. Using all those crossover moves, it’s just like being a receiver. Trying to win that one on one battle and get past the guy in front of you. Actually, I’ve been playing basketball just trying to work on my crossover to translate it from the court to the field.”

Justin Jefferson – GQ Magazine

Shot of elite youth talent

I cannot properly express my excitement for the young crop of elite talent currently being raised in the state of professional Minnesota sports. This town has waited a long time for superstar athletes who can carry a team both on and off the floor. Guys who have both the talent and personality to be the face of a legitimate professional franchise at the highest level. Now suddenly, we’ve been graced with Justin Jefferson, Kirill Kaprizov and Anthony Edwards in the same calendar year.

The goldmine of quotes didn’t stop at Jefferson’s offseason program. He also hit on that time he smoked Chad Johnson in a one-on-one that Ochocinco talked up on social media. That quote is worth the click to GQ but there’s one other part I have to include in this blog.

Worst Dancers on Vikings

JJ was asked a couple of questions about the Griddy and Minnesota Vikings fans can rest easy. He’s bringing it back for at least one more season so he can celebrate the dance with fans at US Bank Stadium. But then, Jefferson was asked about the worst dancers in the Vikings locker room.

Unsurprisingly, Kirk Cousins and Adam Thielen made the list of three… but so did Dalvin Cook, who apparently struggles with the Griddy…

Who’s got the worst dance moves on the Vikings?

[Laughs] “It’s a lot of guys who are terrible at dancing! If I had to pick, damn, this is really hard.”

It’s that many?

It’s that many, man. That many. I’ll have to say Adam [Theilen]. Kirk [Cousins], definitely, is another. I’m working on Dalvin [Cook]. He needs to get the Griddy down a little bit better, but he’s gonna get it. I feel like those are the only ones that are that bad.

Justin Jefferson – GQ Magazine

Admittedly, I did not expect Dalvin Cook’s Griddy to be “that bad”.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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