Justin Jefferson is Not Happy with NFL’s Official Twitter Account or Sign Held by Lions Fan

Justin Jefferson and the Minnesota Vikings’ offseason has already begun so JJ was probably on a beach somewhere watching the NFL playoffs on Sunday, steaming about the fact that he’s not playing postseason games this season.

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Meanwhile, the division rival Detroit Lions were playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers back in the Motor City, with a berth in the NFC Championship Game on the line. During the TV broadcast, a camera focused in on a sign being held by a Lions fan in the Ford Field crowd. A screenshot of the poster has since gone viral and internet reactions are mixed, to say the least. Here’s why:

Detroit Lions fan’s sign going viral

Within the last month, Detroit defensive back Kerby Joseph took out the ACLs of two tight ends, TJ Hockenson (Vikings) and Tyler Higbee (Rams), with pretty much the same exact hit. In week 15, Hockenson caught a ball over the middle and Joseph dove low with his facemask down. The result: Multiple torn ligaments in Hockenson’s knee. Despite the incident, Joseph did not receive a penalty and wasn’t fined by the league.

A few weeks later, in the NFC Wildcard round of the playoffs, Joseph laid a near identical hit on Higbee, colliding with his right knee, causing the tight end’s leg to bend in ways it’s not meant to. Once again, no penalty or fine.

NFL Posts Sign, Justin Jefferson Not Pleased

Joseph has now made a name for himself around the league for being a dirty player and aiming his hits at receivers’ knees, and Lions fans are embracing it. Who would have thought the Detroit Lions could make themselves so unlikeable, this quickly?

But at the end of the day, sports fans will be sports fans and human beings will mock anything for a good laugh. But when the official NFL Twitter account quote tweeted the sign with a caption that read “pretty much”, JJ had had enough and took to Twitter to air his grievances: “Yall wild for posting this. This ain’t cool!!”

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As of Monday morning, the tweet is still up on the NFL’s Twitter account and, as far as we know, Justin Jefferson is still upset about it. Meanwhile, the Lions beat the Buccaneers Sunday afternoon and are now one of four teams in the league that are still alive. What a world.

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