Justin Jefferson Believes Defenders Bully Him Like Pistons Did Michael Jordan

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Justin Jefferson is the self-proclaimed best wide receiver in the NFL and defenses have noticed. So much so that Minnesota Vikings head coach, Kevin O’Connell, has spoken openly with reporters on multiple occasions about his belief that Jefferson is being illegally targeted, even calling upon the NFL to fix the problem.

But on Wednesday, the future franchise record holder for receiving yards spoke with media himself and was asked about how he sees the situation and whether or not he believes there’s a bounty on his head when he steps between the lines.

Justin Jefferson ~ Michael Jordan

JJ’s answer? Yes. In fact, he called Stephen Gilmore’s hit last weekend ‘uncalled for and over the line’ He even went as far as comparing his treatment to that of Michael Jordan in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Back when the “Bad Boy” Detroit Pistons would beat the shit out of MJ in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

Is he right? Most of us lived through the 2009 NFC Championship game so we’ve seen first-hand how ruthless NFL mentalities can be. And whether KOC and JJ are right or wrong, it can only help to bring more attention to the problem.

Take, for example, the “unnecessary roughness” penalty that was called last weekend on a Colts defender for doing absolutely nothing unnecessary. Advantage Vikings.

Vikings protecting their most prized asset

When you have an asset as valuable as Justin Jefferson, you do everything possible to protect him. It’s completely possible the Vikings believe that defenses are playing JJ dirty. But even if they aren’t sure, it’s a clever way to add some additional protection on Christmas Eve and beyond.

Because if this team were to lose #18, their hopes of a playoff run would be dead. Hell, with the path Jefferson’s career is on, he very well may be the Michael Jordan of wide receivers by the time he’s done.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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