Jump on the Timberwolves Bandwagon Now or Live with Regret Later

NBA: Miami Heat at Minnesota Timberwolves
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Okay, Minnesota sports fans, it’s time. Time for you to jump on the Minnesota Timberwolves bandwagon. Those who haven’t been watching this team through the first 25 games of their season are missing out on one of the best teams in Minnesota sports history, and that’s not hyperbole.

On Tuesday morning, the Wolves are comfortably sitting atop the Western Conference, 3 games ahead of the 2nd place Oklahoma City Thunder and 3.5 games in front of the defending champion Denver Nuggets.

But just as recently as last week, doubters were aplenty, especially after the Timberwolves took an L vs the Pelicans. It was their first loss in seven attempts but it was also the first of 15-straight games vs opponents with a > .500 record.

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Minnesota Timberwolves back on a hot streak

In response, the Minnesota Timberwolves have won three straight, two blowouts over the Mavericks and Pacers, both of which are sinch playoff teams. Then, last night in Miami vs the Heat, they made Jimmy Butler question everything he thought he knew about his former franchise.

Jimmy literally seemed like a different person last night and left the court postgame faster than the buzzer could finish going off. For whatever reason, Butler wasn’t in as big of a hurry to leave the court a couple nights earlier, after he hit a game winner as time expired against one of his other past teams, the Chicago Bulls.

No such opportunity last night. Not with Jaden McDaniels, Anthony Edwards and Nickeil Alexander-Walker guarding him all night. Oh you don’t think defense is played in the NBA?

The Wolves are the best defensive team in the league and they’ll make you rethink that stereotype. They have made it clear they take pride in crushing teams’ spirits defensively, and using great defense to get easy baskets on the offensive end. Sound familiar? Yeah, it’s called great basketball.

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Offensively, the Timberwolves have so much talent that they can literally (and do) pick who will step up each given night, and let them cook. Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns are both gonna get their 25-30 points and, some nights, either one will go off for 40.

But in the win vs Dallas on Thursday, it was Naz Reid, who scored 31 off the bench and dumped in 7 huge three pointers as the Timberwolves went from being blown out in the first half to blowing the Mavs out in the 2nd.

This team is way better at the front of the roster and so, so, so much deeper than any other team in Minnesota Timberwolves history, including the ’03-’04 team (more on them later). Naz Reid and Nickeil Alexander-Walker are bona-fide starters in this league, that are coming off the bench for the Wolves.

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And both understand and accept their roles. Hell, Naz Reid chose to come off the bench for Minnesota, signing a contract extension in the offseason, when he could have taken more money to start somewhere else. Again, this team is just built different.

This Timberwolves team can cure your Minnesota sports fan PTSD

Minnesota Timberwolves bandwagon miami heat
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Are you a Minnesota sports fan who’s always waiting for the next shoe to drop? One of those who believes that, even when life in this sports market feels good, something bad is always around the corner?

I’m that fan too. But this Wolves team cured me weeks ago. At this point, it doesn’t matter how far behind they fall in the first half, the 2nd comeback is as inevitable as death and taxes are.

Rarely do we see a major sports team in this market that has so much talent, paired with even more swagger, that no matter how well opponents are playing or how big of a lead they get, none of it matters. When the Wolves decide to get serious and turn it on, the other team is so outmatched that they have no control over the inevitable takeover.

Want proof? The Wolves are 9-2 in games where they lose the 1st quarter. No other team in the NBA has more than 5 such victories. The 2nd half dominance is so apparent that, by the time these games end, opposing players look completely defeated.

When the moments have gotten bigger, the 2023-24 Timberwolves have risen to the occasion over and over and over again. Just like they did last night. On the road in a hostile Miami environment that was rocking, it was the Minnesota Timberwolves who hit all the big shots and answered anything the “Heat Culture” threw at them. Just watch the last three minutes and see for yourself.

If you don’t start paying attention, you’ll live with Minnesota sports fan regret

All you need, in order to fall in love with this Wolves team, is to watch them play for one 3rd and/or 4th quarter. They like to get off to slow starts, but they have a 2nd half switch unlike anything I’ve seen on the local sports landscape, since maybe the 2009 or 1998 Vikings.

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In the future, people will talk about the 2023-24 Minnesota Timberwolves like they do those Vikings teams, or the 03-04 Wolves, who went to the Western Conference finals with Garnett, Sprewell and Cassell. That’s how dominant the Minnesota Timberwolves are, to start this season and disbelievers or doubters will regret not watching these games.

I mean, the early 90’s Vikings were terrible. Imagine being the guy who refused to turn on the 1998 Vikings, because of those prior losing seasons. Or the gal who boycotted 2009 because she couldn’t handle her range of emotions seeing Brett Favre in purple.

Because I’ve watched all 25 games so far and I know ball. I know what a great basketball team looks like. And without a doubt, this is the best team in Minnesota Timberwolves history. You can believe me now or find out for yourself later.

Better than the 2003-2004 Timberwolves?

The ’03-’04 team was really good but they lacked high-end offensive talent and the best players were already on the downslope of their career trajectory. Let’s be honest, nobody even remembers what happened to Sam Cassell or Latrell Sprewell, after the Wolves historic Western Conference finals run that season.

The only people still disbelieving, doubting or hating the ’23-’24 Wolves are those who haven’t been watching them. So if that’s you, it’s time to change. If only for one or two nights. Go against your best judgement and flip them on for one 2nd half. Give them a chance, before it’s too late and the bandwagon has already left the station.

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