Jake Browning Admits Revenge Game Mindset vs Vikings: ‘They Never Should Have Cut Me’

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The Minnesota Vikings found a way to lose vs the Cincinnati Bengals on Saturday afternoon and I don’t think there are very many football fans crowning QB Jake Browning as the Bengals’ MVP. That won’t stop him from feeling that way, though.

Jake Browning Revenge Game vs Minnesota Vikings

And for Browning, week 15 was about revenge, whether he was willing to admit it earlier in the week or not. The Vikings were Browning’s first team and, after two years on the practice squad, he was cut by the Spielman/Zimmer regime without as much as a personal phone call from anyone other than his agent.

“There was definitely a little extra part of… you know, just before the game… Like, I remember getting cut [from the Vikings] the last time and just being told, ‘hey, we might have a spot for you on practice squad. Go to the hotel and wait.’

So I sat in the hotel for a couple hours, not knowing if I had a job or not, and then just basically got a call from my agent that, you know, they didn’t even.. they didn’t tell me. I’d been there for two years and you know. I’ve been cut my fair share of times and that was probably the shitties one.”

Browning admitted that there aren’t a lot of people left running the Vikings organization who were there when he was on the practice squad, before eventually being cut. But, athletes will reach for anything they can to get an extra edge.

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‘They Never Should Have Cut Me!’

For Browning, Minnesota cutting him all those years ago was an obvious narrative for him to grasp ahold of, even if he knows that the Vikings now are not the Vikings from back then. Still, it didn’t stop him from finding a camera after the game so he could scream, ‘they never should have cut me’ into it.

“That one felt good. I think, right after we made the field goal to win the game, I screamed at a camera, ‘they never should have cut me’.

And after further review, Browning did in-fact scream, ‘they never should have cut me’ into a camera after the game. Pretty weird thing to plan out but you do you, king.

I’m happy Jake could have his revenge game moment vs the Vikings, even if the Bengals victory had a lot more to do with everyone around him than it actually did him. Either way, the NFL is skeptical and called Browning in for a drug test first thing in the morning.

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