It’s Tumultuous Times but Timberwolves & Towns Will End Up Together

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

For those of you who started hammer jackin’ drinks during Friday’s happy hour, I hope any negative side effects have ceased. Good luck swallowing this report while trying to overcome a hangover:


What in the flying f* Alrighty then. Let’s try to digest take a deep breath and count to ten before we move forward.






Ok, let’s try again…


First, let’s look at how this news actually broke:

The “not in a good place internally” comment came via ESPN’s podcast, The Lowe Post. It occurred when the four letter network’s Brian Windhorst asked the show’s host, Zach Lowe, about his thoughts on the future relationship between Karl-Anthony Towns and the Wolves.

Lowe’s full answer to the inquiry is as follows:

Windhorst immediately responds by saying if he were the Celtics, he “would make a quiet call to Minnesota.” After continuing to discuss a hypothetical Towns-based transaction, Lowe said his coworker was “just stirring the pot.

The only reason KAT’s name came up was because Boston trade ideas morphed into what Windhorst himself called a “crazy offer.”

In my eyes, if you’ve been worried about Minnesota’s situation as a whole, Lowe and Windhorst’s back-and-forth just echos your fear. On the opposite side of the fence, assuming you have full faith the Wolves will make the correct roster and/or coaching moves, this development shouldn’t chance your stance.

Hell yeah Boston should make a call to Minnesota. As contradictory as it sounds, they have too many assets. Danny Ainge probably will inquire on all of the league’s top big men. Dialing up the Wolves is obvious. Using the Vikings as an example, it doesn’t hurt to ask:

Anywho, a quick word from our website founder, Eric Strack, on the situation:

We’ve heard rumblings of tension inside of the Wolves organization as well, so this isnt that surprising to those who have been paying close attention. It’s all concerning but if there is one person in the organization that’s safe, it’s the Big Meow.  Tom Thibodeau, Andrew Wiggins, and others are one thing, but the smooth stroking, 22 year-old, seven footer stays:

Johnny Minnesota (@TheJohnnyMN)

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