In News That Doesn’t Matter: The Vikings Hired Dom Capers This Afternoon

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I’m only writing this because I’m seeing Vikings nation meltdown on Twitter as I type, over something that doesn’t matter. Dan Barreiro of KFAN just opened his show with the topic, and has stretched the entire first segment out with it.

Yes, the Vikings just hired Dom Capers, another one-time (actually two-time) head coach who is a one-time Super Bowl, but now more recently; terrible Defensive Coordinator for the Green Bay Packers.


I would type a bunch more about Dom Capers but…. seriously, I don’t care. He’s been around forever (since 1992). According to his Wikipedia page, he’s been a head coach for 2 different teams through 8 different seasons and won a Super Bowl as a Defensive Coordinator for Green Bay.

Yes, he is known for a 3-4 scheme and the Vikings run a 4-3.

No, the Vikings aren’t going to change schemes.

Mike Zimmer just loves football guys. That’s all there is to this move. Dom Capers is 69-years-old and has lived football for nearly all 69 of those years. Mike Zimmer is just here to keep old football guys, like him, alive.

He’s probably going to come in and be Zimmer’s film buddy. Someone he can sit down with, throw in double-sized chews in both lips with, crack Budweiser Diesels with, and love the football-guy life with… for whatever time they have left.

Zimmer wants old saavy veterans he can bounce ideas off of. It relieves stress, to have those types of calming voices around him when shit hits the fan. He has Kubiak on offense and now he has Capers on defense.

Does this mean anything on Mike Zimmer’s future as a play caller……?


… but probably not.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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