If Twins Can Avoid Meltdown They Will Win the Central

Mar 30, 2019; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Twins designated hitter Nelson Cruz (23) reacts after getting hit by a pitch in the bottom of the seventh inning against the Cleveland Indians at Target Field. Photo Credit: David Berding-USA TODAY Sports
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Jake Odorizzi pitched like trash last night, giving up 9 earned runs in just 4 innings and even a great appearance by Devin Smeltzer, that stopped the bleeding, wasn’t enough for the Twins’ offensive firepower to climb back into it vs the Yankees. Yeah, Cleveland won again too.

So, the division lead is down to just 2 games (from 11.5 at one point) and Twins fans are trying not to panic but it isn’t easy…. you know… since this is Minnesota. I can’t blame anyone. I’ve been trying to keep my own Minnesota mind from going to that place…

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But I’m sure you’ve heard the good news. The Twins’ schedule is about to ease up and it starts tonight when we travel to the south side of Chicago to face the shitty Chicago White Sox who just got done losing a series to the shittier Miami Marlins, who I didn’t know could actually win a series… Yeah, the Marlins are 38-62 on the season.

But Aaron Gleeman of Baseball Prospectus and the amazing “Gleeman and the Geek” Podcast dug deep into the numbers like he is so good at and he came out with some tangible numbers that made me feel better and hopefull does the same for you:

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Here’s what it comes down to, because I’m not here for moral victories. The Twins are better than the Indians. Now, they have a remaining schedule that is MUCH easier than that of the Indians… So, as long as the Twins can avoid a meltdown, they will win the Central Division and they will be playing a full series in the 2019 MLB Playoffs.

That’s without making any trades that improve the obviously terrible bullpen and the tiring starting staff. Everyone knows how I feel about the Twins and trades that they will/need to make. On Darren Wolfson’s podcast from Monday, he says that he would be “shocked” if the Twins don’t make at least one big move for a bullpen pitcher, by the deadline, but that we could see as many as two new relievers and one new starter (exactly what I’ve been asking for since the beginning).

Right now, the problem is the high price being asked for guys who are available. Darren says the prices on these players is expected to drop significantly, as we enter Monday of next week. Remember, the trade deadline is at 3 PM CT on Wednesday, 6 days from now.

So Twins fans looking for optimism: study up the schedule and then take a weekend vacation away from your phone. You could miss the big deal you’ve been waiting for, but it’s unlikely and the stress you will save yourself (and weeks/months of your life), is worth taking that chance.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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