If the Timberwolves and Hornets Make a Deal…

The NBA draft is just three days away (November 18th) and the Minnesota Timberwolves still have the same offseason puzzle pieces that they walked away with on lottery night. The value of the #1 overall pick is much lower than in other years so, if Rosas and Co. want to make a deal, they might have settle for something less than a blockbuster.

If that’s the route the Wolves go, the Charlotte Hornets are the perfect fit for a draft week trade. The Hornets pick #3 overall, two spots behind the Wolves, but they may need to move up to get the guy they want.

Hornets Want Wiseman

The guy Charlotte wants is reportedly James Wiseman, the Memphis big man who some consider to be the most talented player in this class. The Warriors, who pick #2 overall, are expected to take Wiseman if he is still available. Wiseman is drawing comparisons to Myles Turner and even Anthony Davis.

Wiseman refused to meet or workout with Minnesota because he doesn’t see himself as a fit next to KAT. In order for Charlotte to acquire him, though, they have to jump the Warriors. Here is what a trade would look like if the Wolves and Hornets swap the #1 and #3 picks.

Timberwolves trade the #1 overall pick to the Hornets for the #3 pick and Miles Bridges.

This is just the major building blocks of what this trade would look like. The finer details would still need to be worked out and more pieces would be on the move. The rest could include a second round pick or a number of different role players from either team.

In this scenario, the Hornets get their guy, in James Wiseman, and the Wolves pick up a nice young asset, in Miles Bridges. Rosas still gets one of the draft’s “big 3” (Ball, Edwards, Wiseman).

Miles Bridges Numbers

Bridges averaged 30 minutes per game last season, scored 13 points and added 5.6 rebounds per game. In his Sophomore NBA season, his numbers went up with more playing time but his percentages all went down.

If Minnesota can’t make a big trade by Wednesday then a smaller deal with the Hornets would make sense. Continue to acquire assets like Bridges, but stay in the top-3. That sounds like a Gerrson Rosas move.

Cooper Carlson | Minnesota Sports Fan