Hey Twins, Sign Craig Kimbrel or Quit Wasting Our Time

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We are almost to spring training and the Twins are apparently content with rolling into the season with this pitching staff:

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You have got to be kidding me. With Cleveland taking a slight step back this year, this is how the Twins plan to counter that?

We came into the offseason needing some upgrades at the plate and major pitching help. Then came Nelson Cruz, CJ Cron and Jonathan Schoop.


I like those moves, because they address clear areas of need. And apparently, they had other plans to further help the offense. It looks like the Twins made a nice offer for Yasmani Grandal, one of the top free agent catchers on the market. BUT DON’T TELL THAT TO GOPHERGANGSTA27…

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…I tend to agree, though. The Twins addressed the offense and then really did nothing on the pitching side. Michael Pineda was signed last year, to pitch this year, so that has to factor in. But Martin Perez is your choice as the 5th starter…? While his bull encounter is badass, his pitching stats are not.

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Who was the last good closer that the Twins have had for multiple seasons? Glen Perkins back in 2015 is the answer. If they aren’t going to upgrade the rotation, the least they can do is shorten games by adding to the bullpen. And if you haven’t noticed, Craig Kimbrel still hasn’t signed, which means he hasn’t heard an offer he likes yet.

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The Twins need to get in on this. Go offer an aggressive 1 or 2-year deal to the best closer in baseball. You have money to spend and he clearly isn’t getting the long term offers he wants. This is a perfect time to pounce. Kimbrel on the back end makes this team one that can better contend with Cleveland for the AL Central.

Or don’t. Just leave everything as-is. Spend another season waiting and then we can do this dance all over again next year. The choice is yours, Twins. But, I can assure you of what my reaction will be if this is the team we have heading into the season…

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Seth Toupal | Minnesota Sports Fan

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