Harbaugh Badly Wants Vikings Job and Adofo-Mensah Wants Harbaugh

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Jim Harbaugh will be in Eagan to interview with the Minnesota Vikings on Wednesday at TCO Performance Center. Given Wednesday is also College Football National Signing Day, his absence in Ann Arbor says a lot about his interest in the Vikings head coaching job.

But late Monday night, Michigan Football’s most plugged-in insider, Sam Webb, told his 247Sports subscribers just how serious Jim Harbaugh really is. “Several” sources tell Webb that Jim has already reached out to possible staff members and would accept the Minnesota job if offered. Harbaugh is reportedly “pursuing the opportunity hard“.

I was told by multiple university sources today that Harbaugh’s desire to return to the pros… if he can… has been made clear. Wednesday’s interview isn’t merely another step in the feeling out process. He is pursuing the opportunity hard. And as should be expected under those circumstances, I’ve heard he’s made overtures toward potential targets for his would-be staff.

Should that interview progress to Harbaugh being offered the job, every Michigan source I spoke with today… and there were several… shared their expectation that he will accept it.

Sam Webb – The Michigan Insider (247Sports)

Adofo-Mensah Wants Harbaugh; Others Not Sold

It was the hire of Kwesi Adofo-Mensah that made initial Jim Harbaugh to Minnesota steam unbelievable. If the Vikings want “collaboration” and “intentional decision making”, why would they hire Harbaugh, who would want A LOT of say in personnel?

But according to Webb’s reporting, it’s Adofo-Mensah who has Harbaugh at the top of his list. Apparently it’s Harbaugh who needs to convince some of the Vikings top brass, with the help of Adofo-Mensah, that he’s the right guy for the job.

This time that agent shared buzz from NFL circles suggesting that Harbaugh is at the top of Adofo-Mensah’s list, but that Michigan’s headman still needs to be sold to others in the organization. There’s reportedly a perception in league circles that ‘Harbaugh can be tough to deal with.’ But that’s a concern that his already-established rapport with Adofo-Mensah might quell.

Sam Webb – The Michigan Insider (247Sports)

Minnesota or Bust

According to both Webb and John U. Bacon, who wrote a book on Harbaugh and has been on top of the Harbaugh steam since the beginning, Jim is all in on joining the Minnesota Vikings. But if he doesn’t get the job, he’s going back to Michigan. There is no 3rd option. For Harbaugh, it’s Minnesota or bust (back to Michigan).

The Ball is obviously in the Vikings’ court. Jim Harbaugh wants to be the next coach here and if he can convince the Wilfs or other doubters inside the organization that he isn’t a crusty old-school personality like Mike Zimmer was, then he’ll be the next coach of the Minnesota Vikings. Something we never would have thought possible when this process started.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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