Gophers Beat the Crap Out of Nebraska; Climb to 6-0

Photo: @GopherFootball - Twitter

I adjusted my skirt (and long johns, wool socks, 3 shirt layers, gloves, and winter coat) and graced the TCF Bank Stadium turf for about 15 minutes, this afternoon. I much prefer the warmth of the press box. Elements didn’t matter to the Minnesota Gophers, though.

Who needs long sleeves or hoodies? You would’ve thought these guys were out for a summer day at the beach. Even our baton throwers were ready for Minnesota football tonight…

And, from the moment the first whistle blew and the Gophers kicked off to the Cornhuskers to start the 1st quarter, we looked ready to play this game and the Huskers looked ready to get back on the bus. Whether it had anything to do with the weather, is up for everyone else to decide.

Nebraska made it to the Gophers’ 29 yard line on their first drive. They would spend the next 3 quarters trying to get that far again. They wouldn’t. The Gophers defense was dominant and flying all over the field.

Nebraska’s defense… wasn’t as successful. Rodney Smith & Co. brought the running game we found last week vs Illinois, back to the bank for this game against Nebraska. The Gopher running backs racked up 220 yards on the ground in the first half, alone, and added another 122 yards in the second half. It was a fucking clinic.

The score got to 34-0 and the game creeped into the 4th quarter, before the Cornhuskers made it back to the Gophers’ 29 yard line. They’d finally score on the drive, to make it 34-7. That’s how the game would end. Minnesota took their foot off of the pedal in the 4th quarter, after which a lot of punting took place and a lot of fans started vacating the premises. It ended with another W in the Gopher win column, making them 6-0.

Now, they will head to Rutgers next week and if they bring half the team they’ve played with for the last two games, they’ll win by 50. If you weren’t on the PJ Fleck bandwagon before this game, then what the fuck is your excuse now?

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan