Give PJ Fleck Whatever He Wants

Most would say PJ Fleck hasn’t had the season he’d hoped. He’s only won 5 games. His last one is against 5th ranked (that’s in the entire country) Wisconsin, for Paul Bunyan’s Axe. If the Gophers win, they’d qualify for a bowl, with 6 wins. Fleck would also be a hero. Beating Wisconsin would be equivalent to 2-3 more wins. Every time the Gophers and/or Fleck, and their 6-6 record (+ bowl game), are mentioned; it will be prefaced with a Wisconsin victory. It would be the first time The Axe was harbored in Minnesota since 2003. That’s right people. Wisconsin’s been shoving that Axe up our *** for 14 DISGUSTING years straight. If Fleck ends that, well……. I will love him forever.

But don’t count on it, fam…

But, although a win against Wisconsin would be big to Fleck too… (remember, he lost to Wisconsin in the Cotton Bowl last year, when he was with Western Michigan) …. he has said that the record isn’t what he judges his team on in “year 0”. It’s quite clear that AD Mark Coyle, and the University administration, agree with him and are happy with everything else they have seen out of Fleck. They just extended the minimum 7-loss coach.

Fleck from above KFAN article:

“It’s an honor to coach at the University of Minnesota and in the Big Ten,” said Fleck. “Mark Coyle and I share the same goal of building a championship culture and team at Minnesota. It’s a goal that we are working on daily together and one that we will achieve. I am proud of how hard our young men have worked to improve this season on living a holistic life. They have taken great strides in bettering themselves athletically, academically, socially and spiritually. I look forward to leading them and watching them grow on and off the field as we continue to move this program forward.”

Coyle from above KFAN article

“When we hired Coach Fleck, I talked about his authentic energy and passion, and his dedication to building a unique team culture. This year, I have seen our students connect with his energy and embrace that culture,” said Athletics Director Mark Coyle. “From the commitment and hard work of our current students, to building a nationally ranked recruiting class that will be among the best in program history, I have seen the foundation of what Coach Fleck is building, and I’m looking forward to supporting him for years to come.”

People will wonder about this, and I’m sure some questions will need to be answered on whether their were some competitors in the mix… Whatever it was, I’m all for it. Whatever you need to do to keep Fleck in Minnesota is what you do. This guy is going to be one of the most BIG TIME coaches in the NCAA. And, it seems like he wants to stay… We all know how that goes but we can’t worry about that right now.

The Gophers programs are on the rise, especially the two most popular: football and basketball. The Athlete’s Village is only going to spring board that even farther. Nothing is stopping these two programs as long was we keep Richard Pitino and PJ Fleck here and happy, and the kids AND University keep their noses clean. With Mark Coyle leading the department, it looks like that won’t be a problem.

We are rowing over here, PJ. Just point the direction.


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