Gary Kubiak Thanks Vikings; Says “We’ll See What Happens” on Future

Photo: John Autey

Gary Kubiak has now been the offensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings for 15 games. Yet, at age 59 he admits that his career as a football coach is “year to year at this point”.

Kubiak definitely enjoyed the season and seems to like his role of calling plays, while holding only the responsibility of an offensive coordinator. When asked about his time as Vikings OC in 2020, and what his future might hold looking ahead to 2021, Kubiak was coy. He made it clear, however, that a return next season is far from a guarantee.

“We’ll see what happens.”

“I’m kind of a year-to-year guy at this stage of my life, I think, as a football coach. But I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed working with the players.

I love calling games… I mean, that’s the way I grew up.

I’ll tell you. I’ve had my opportunity to be a head coach and I enjoyed that. But it was really fun to be ‘one of the guys’ again, if that makes any sense? Back in that room, teaching and being ‘one of the fellas’.”

— Do you need time to think about 2021? —

“Well, I’m not through with this year yet. Let me finish up this week and let’s go have some fun and play well… and we’ll see what happens.”

Gary Kubiak

Tough to read

Gary Kubiak is a tough person to read. He’s much different than Mike Zimmer, who wears his emotions on his rudolph nose. Still, I’m a bit surprised at the way Gary rode the fence on this subject.

I guess I just didn’t expect liners like “I’m kind of a year-to-year guy at this point” or “we’ll see what happens”. The thank-you’s came off strange too.

Still, in the same < 1-minute-long clip, he talks about how much fun he had this year and how much he enjoys not being the boss anymore. He’s just difficult to get a read on.

Could it be that the Vikings may not want him back? Knowing Zimmer, I really don’t see that being the case. “We’ll see what happens” this weekend and what comes out of US Bank Stadium and TCO Performance Center after that…

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan