Former Wolves Coach Tom Thibodeau is a PERFECT Match for Incompetent Knicks

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Sometimes the stars align and an incompetent franchise tries to channel old glory when selecting a head coach. The New York Knicks, who haven’t been a relevant franchise in years, became the latest bad team to try to channel the “glory days”. Former Timberwolves coach Tom Thibodeau is back in the NBA and gets to try to turn around the Knicks!


If this sounds familiar Thibodeau was brought to Minnesota under the EXACT SAME CIRCUMSTANCES. The young Timberwolves needed a coach who could teach them how to play defense, and Thibs seemed perfect. The entire state of Minnesota was elated that we were able to convince him to come here.

I mean sure there were whispers about what led to Tom Thibodeau’s departure from Chicago. He certainly liked to give his players extended minutes. He also loved to scream from the moment the game started until well after it was finished. What could go wrong?

When Tom Thibodeau came to Minnesota he brought his former All-Star cast with him. The Wolves acquired Jimmy Butler for a package built around Zach LaVine on draft night. It truly felt like things were going to be different.

The Wolves got one playoff appearance and massive amounts of drama that eventually led to Thibodeau being fired. The drama started during one particularly eventful practice in which Jimmy Butler WENT OFF:


Thibodeau now gets to try to mold a very young Knicks team. But in order for that to happen we need to run through the Thibodeau Checklist:

  1. Young team in need of a defensive identity? Check. The Knicks have one of the youngest rosters in the NBA, and desperately need a veteran coach to help develop them.
  2. Former Bulls on or added to the roster. Check. Former Wolves PF Taj Gibson signed with the Knicks in the offseason. So he is already there. As for Jimmy Butler, Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah? Might be tougher to bring them in.
  3. People saying Thibs has learned from his previous failures. Check. There are already Knicks fans saying this will be different. Fool me three times you’re an idiot.


Let’s be real here. Thibodeau will run the youngsters into the ground. He will try to acquire some of his former players to help establish “his tone”. Then the drama will come next and Thibs will get fired again. People aren’t falling for this again are they?

I can’t wait to watch this dumpster fire unfold.

Seth Toupal | Minnesota Sports Fan

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