Former Vikings’ Head Coach, Brad Childress Expected to Call it Quits

Bruce Kluckhohn/US Presswire

Bruce Kluckhohn/US Presswire

Former Vikings’ Head Coach, Brad Childress, is expected to announce his retirement from the NFL.

The 61 year-old spent the last few years working with Andy Reid as an assistant coach for the Chiefs. With the KC’s season ending after Saturday’s loss to the Titans, Childress is deciding to walk away from his near 40 year tenure as a football coach.

It’s interesting how Childress was only a couple plays away from taking Minnesota to the Super Bowl. If that NFC Championship game vs. the Saints ended differently, this topic would be front page news. Unfortunately for him, we’re getting prepared to avenge that loss, with a different head coach. In regards to Childress, my life would be better off if he… ah, nevermind.

It’s not really socially acceptable to blast someone when their about to retire. We’re here to celebrate our former coaches’ career. If you think this article needed more pop-shots at Childress, I like your passion. Please, save it for Sean Payton.

Brad Childress cut his teeth coaching football in the college ranks. After climbing that ladder for about a dozen years, he found himself as the running backs coach for Wisconsin. Childress was promoted to offensive coordinator in 1994 and coached legendary college RB Ron Dayne for three seasons.

Childress’ time in the NFL began just like it is now ending; alongside Andy Reid. His first NFL experience came working with Reid, Donavon McNabb, and the Eagles. After his time in Philly (1999-2005), as a QB coach and offensive coordinator, Childress got his first career head-gig, and it was with the Minnesota Vikings.

His tenure as the leader of Skol Nation lasted from 2006-2010. That four and a half-year run was highlighted with the previously mentioned NFC Championship game. As for his time with the Vikings as a whole, Minnesotans can visit ValleyFair if they want that many roller-coaster rides. Childress finished his NFL head coaching career with a record of 40-37 (includes playoffs) before being fired and replaced by Leslie Frazier, before a disastrous 2010 season even ended.

From there, he took a little bit of time off from football. However, he got his foot back in the door with the Pat Shurmur and the Browns, as their OC in 2012. Childress smartly got the hell out of there, after one season, and re-connected with Andy Reid.

As for Andy Reid, It’s been a Monday of all Mondays…. The Punt, Pass, and Kick legend is currently recovering from a playoff defeat, losing his OC to the Bears head coaching vacancy, and now his old buddy Childress is retiring.


That’s three strikes. I hope he left the office early. The big fella had to have needed a drink… or eleven.

Nowadays, many athletes choose to release a video announcing their retirement. Unfortunately for us fans, coaches don’t seem to be using that approach. It sucks! A Brad Childress narrated tear-jerker would have been euphoric.

It was probably a business decision on his end. Coach Childress didn’t want to be compared to Jared Allen’s masterpiece:

Smart move, coach. Way to kick-off your expected retirement by avoiding things. From here on out, it’s your free time. I encourage you to avoid anything and everything else your heart desires. 

In closing, Childress’ stint with the Vikings was lackluster enough that even my “normally well-informed” co-workers at Minnesota Sports Fan are blaming him for problems he didn’t even cause… Christian Ponder… (Leslie Frazier’s doing)


Goodbye Brad. We can all hate. At the end of the day, we’d all give 3 body parts of your choosing to have lived your life.

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