Report: Kirk Cousins Planning Family’s Potential Move to Atlanta; Falcons Now Favorites

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Kirk Cousins has not signed with the Atlanta Falcons yet. In fact, he’s not even allowed to “legally” engage in contract negotiations with any team other than the Minnesota Vikings until March 11, the official “legal tampering period”, which comes three days before NFL free agency.

But that hasn’t stopped reports, rumors and betting odds from prematurely packing Kirk’s bags for him. Well… maybe he’s packing bags himself. At least, that’s what Mike Florio (ProFootballTalk) is hearing. According to Florio’s anonymous sources, the Falcons aren’t just a threat to the Vikings. He’s already preparing his family for their eventual move to the ATL…

We’re picking up very credible indications that Kirk Cousins is planning a potential move of his family from Minnesota to Atlanta.

We can’t get into the specifics, for now. But we’re getting very credible indications that Cousins is seriously considering moving his family to Atlanta. Which would mean, obviously, that he’d be signing with the Falcons.

Mike Florio – ProFootballTalk

Kirk Cousins already packing up for Atlanta?

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Mike brings up all of the overdone narratives about how Julie Cousins is from the Atlanta area and Kirk feels very comfortable there, blah, blah, blah. But he gets more interesting again a bit down the article.

Of course, it might be too late for that. If the Falcons made enough of an indication last week to Cousins’s agent, Mike McCartney, as to what they’re willing to do, Cousins might already have decided to go. And he might not be interested in the Vikings doing now what they could have done before the Falcons got his attention.

The Falcons previously had been linked to a trade with the Bears for quarterback Justin Fields. Ultimately, that might have just been a misdirection, aimed at potentially letting them snag Cousins while the Vikings assumed no one else would make him a better offer than whatever the Vikings have made.

Mike Florio – ProFootballTalk

If the Atlanta organization really pulled one over on the Vikings like Florio pontificates above, hats off to a genuis move. Is it possible the Falcons baited Kwesi into a lowball offer for Cousins, knowing it would make him mad enough to run south for more appreciation? That would be pretty next level.

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Who knows how much Mike Florio’s report has to do with this, because he is big time enough that his reports can certainly affect the odds on offseason betting futures like where a QB might land during an NFL offseason, but Atlanta is now the betting favorite at both DraftKings to land Cousins, even ahead of the Vikings. It’s the first time all offseason that you have been able to place legal bets on Minnesota as an underdog to keep Kirk.


Cousins reports keep dropping because they are sooo important

Yes, another day… another Kirk Cousins report being floated by one of the top insiders in the NFL. That means, another Kirk Cousins piece at MSF from yours truly. Why do these reports keep coming out and why are they continually aggregated around the internet as if they are Amber Alerts hitting your push notifications?

Well, in part because Minnesota Vikings fans continually engage with Kirk Cousins content, which tells writers (like me), podcasters, radio hosts and Twitter aggregators that we want more of it. But that’s not getting to the deeper root of why people care so much about what happens with Cousins.

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And that’s where it feels as if people have way too short of a memory. Those of us who are watching the Cousins’ developments so closely know how important this one decision is for the present and future of this franchise.

It will steer, not only what the rest of the Vikings’ offseason will look like, but what their future will look like too. And right now, the betting odds say their futures do not currently share the same vision.

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