Fleck Offers 6-10 German OL Currently Tossing 12-Year-Olds for Hobby in Home Country

Photo: Twitter: @PRubelt
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Some fucked up things came out of Germany during the late 30’s and early 40’s, cumulating in a near takeover of earth, before America had to step in and save the world’s day (again). I’ll give Russia some credit too. But it’s clear that some of those estranged projects and experiments, that took place back then, are still bearing fruit to this day (probably because of Russia).

There is still living proof of such lost experiments and one of them just got a scholarship offer from PJ Fleck and the Minnesota Golden Gophers (and yes, I am led to believe that the feature image for this blog is acually Panzer Paul Rubelt, wearing a jersey with “Young Red Cocks” on the back and sporting the #69):

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 Not only is this kid a fucking giant… but he loves every waking second of his physical superiority and wants every kid on the other team to know about it (like they’d miss him). He’s tossing these puny life forms like he’s playing bags at a family graduation party… The other kids look like they are 12…. it’s phenomenal. It’s real-life Godzilla.

If you missed the first block in the video, you need to go back. He clearly causes internal bleeding, and while the other kid is breathing his last breaths (probably seeing Jesus and atoning for his sins) “Panzer [German War Tank] Paul” stands over him laughing. I just can’t get enough of this guy. I need to hear him speak. That beautiful German accent… it’ll be straight from a lost Rocky movie..

According to Ryan Burns and Kyle Goblirsch at GopherIllustrated.com, Fleck and staff were able to get eyes on Rubelt at a satellite camp here in the states before they made the offer to him and another normal-size (DE) countryman. Hopefully, he was playing vs kids of his own age and size (kind of) at that camp…

This is such a priority commit for me now that I’m not sure I’ve ever wanted another prospect more… and I’ve been in conversation with Ryan Burns the last couple of weeks about getting back on our podcast. We are hoping to get him on for this Monday (June 10) and you can be sure this will be a topic.

And yes, Panzer Paul has a Twitter handle. What a world…

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