Five Realistic Landing Spots For NDSU QB Trey Lance in 2021

North Dakota State quarterback Trey Lance (5) reacts after his team scored a touchdown during the first half of the FCS championship game against James Madison on Saturday, Jan. 11, 2020, in Frisco, Texas.(Sam Hodde, Associated Press)

NDSU quarterback, Trey Lance, is a God (capital-G) in the eyes of Bison fans. Their delusion makes the relationship between Skip Bayless and Tim Tebow look normal… Yes, Lance can throw an ok pass and run like there’s no tomorrow, but they are crowning this guy as the #1 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft already.

We’re talking about another Division II (maybe DIII – AA, I can’t remember) college football QB, who is beating college football JV teams every weekend. Didn’t we learned our lesson with Carson Wentz?

How do you take anything about the Bison seriously, when claims like this regularly find the internet?

The latest person to fall victim to the Trey Lance hype, is Fansided writer, Nicholas McGee. Nick wrote a piece on the top five teams Trey Lance could “STAR” for in the NFL. He didn’t write about the teams Trey might fit well with or who might draft him… but instead, who he could “STAR” for.

Eric says I use too many gifs so I won’t place one here but if I could (instead of writing this extra sentence about nothing), I’d place a “calm down, calm down” one. Hold your horses (or should I say Bison), pal. Let’s bring the Trey Lance story back down to Earth.

Here are the five teams we believe Lance could actually “star” on, come 2021.


If you can’t make it in the NFL, what is the next logical step? The Canadian Football League!

The NFL’s whacky and confounding cousin, the CFL is the perfect spot for Lance to land. The Redblacks would be ecstatic to have Lance too. Having gone 3-15 in 2019, they are the perfect fit for mediocrity.

It wouldn’t be too unfamiliar for Lance either. As he is used to playing against sub-par competition and high-school and college has-beens. Throw in the cold Canadian winters and its nothing Lance hasn’t dealt with in Fargo.


Who says Japan isn’t good at American football? They even have a bizarre college league!

Another excellent fit for Lance, the Mitsubishi Lions only won one of their seven games in 2019. With Lance’s “athleticism”, the X League wouldn’t know what hit them… until they Google “DII College Football USA.


Does Lance want to stay close to his family in Marshall, MN? Who knows? But if he does, the Minnesota Vixen would gladly take him as their next roster addition.

This would also be his best shot at immediate glory. As the Vixen have been pretty good in recent years. Having won the conference title in 2018 and going 7-2 in 2019. What makes this an even better fit is that the WFA is split into divisions just like college football. And with the Vixen playing in Division II, that is on par for what Lance is used to competing against.

Hell, they even have a table in the sports pavilion at the State Fair! Maybe Bison fans can get that long-awaited autograph!


Although the NFL abandoned NFL Europe 13 years ago (2007), who is to say Lance couldn’t be a catalyst for starting it back up?

It would be a prime opportunity for Lance to take a gap year after college and see the world! Backpacking through Europe and learning how to play soccer. I can only imagine it would help his footwork.



Whether it is the state-of-the-art facilities this league has, compared to what he has now at NDSU or the multiple competition levels he’d have to choose from; Lance could jump right into the MNFFL and have blast! The league is all about fun, according to their website.

This would also be his best shot at an immediate championship. With 6v6 play, it would highlight all of his running abilities. Although, I hear the secondaries in the MNFFL have better hands than what the Bison have experienced in the MVC.

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Any of these teams are perfect for Lance to join. It won’t keep him in the spotlight, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Is it?

Jack Kewitsch | Minnesota Sports Fan

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