Everson Griffen Tweets: “Kirk Cousins is Ass”; Tags Vikings

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Good Saturday morning, Minnesota Vikings fans. Remember the blog I wrote a few days ago about how much Everson Griffen wants to wear purple and gold again? Well, Griffen may have gotten some bad news on that front already today. Even if not, the likelihood of a reunion seems bleak after what he tweeted (and then deleted) about their QB, Kirk Cousins, this morning.

Everson Griffen: Not a Kirk Cousins guy..

Who knows what set Everson Griffen off before 8AM on a Saturday, but if I had to guess, I’d say his agent informed him that the Vikings weren’t willing to pay Ev whatever price he was going to demand for a 2021 return.

They’re strapped against the cap and fitting new veterans into the roster is going to be difficult. Meanwhile, Kirk Cousins’ contract carries a 2021 cap hit of $31 million.

No matter the reason for his outburst, it’s safe to say the Minnesota Vikings + Everson Griffen reunion isn’t happening. If you’re wondering whether Griffen’s Twitter account may have been hacked before these tweets were sent…

UPDATE: Everson Griffen apologizes… kind of.

Late this afternoon, Everson Griffen tweeted out a passive aggressive apology to Kirk Cousins. He didn’t take back what he said, but did apologize for calling Kirk out on a public platform and “hurting him”.

I love the internet.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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