Everson Griffen Inked His Long-Term Deal; More Work Left – Teddy to Talk Thursday

Today, Everson Griffen signed a much-deserved 4-year contract. The deal was for a total of $58 Million, $34 Million of which is guaranteed (StarTribune). Griffen is 29 years old so the signing likely puts him in a Vikings Jersey for the remainder of his prime years.

Everson has continued to grow his entire career. The last 3 seasons he has really stuck out and has increased his sack total from 9 in 2014, to 11 in 2015, and 13 in 2016… I’m no math wiz but I think that means he is a shoe-in for 15 sacks this year, right?

Work left to be done:

There are two possible signings everyone is looking out for. Xavier Rhodes and Sam Bradford could both get extensions before the season begins. Both are important to what the Vikings are looking to do going forward

Everyone is on board for the Rhodes resigning. He is blossoming into one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL. He is the closest thing to a shut-down corner that the Vikings have had since Antoine Winfield, in his first couple years in Minnesota. Plus, Zimmer loves cornerbacks and it is doubtful he will let his best one get away.

Now, onto Bradford. His situation might not seem so automatic. There seems to be a large part of the fanbase that aren’t the biggest fans of Sam. Couple that with the Teddy situation and you get a lot of people with mixed feelings

My Opinion:

The Vikings should make signing Bradford a priority. Starting QB’s, not on a rookie contract, are expensive. It’s just the way it is. Bradford is making $18M right now. He is a legitimate NFL Starter and one who might be really good if he could ever get a good offense (especially o-line) to play with.

Sure, he can’t move around, and he seems to get sacked all the time because of it, but a good line makes that a lot less of a deal. Some don’t want to spend the money on Sam, claiming he isn’t worth it.  Has anyone else seen what these “average” quarterbacks are getting paid?

Joe Flacco is making the most money out of any QB at $24.55 Million…

Ryan Tannehill $20M…. Are you shitting me?

Kirk Cousins continues to get the franchise tag…$24M

If Bradford is willing to sign for anything around $21-23M or less, then wrap him up. If you can get a QB who is in the top half of the NFL then you keep him. And Bradford is that. Good quarterbacks are too hard to find. Anyone remember the Ponder days? How about McNabb that same season? T-Jack?

What about Teddy?

Well, to start, Teddy was just put on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) List this evening. This was an expected move. Teddy is farther than most have expected him to be, at this point, but not many expect him to be ready by week 1. You can see 2 minutes of Teddy on that repaired knee here – Scout.com.


This will be pretty much the first time we have heard from Teddy since his injury. People are excited… not me. Just people.

He can come off the PUP List anytime during the preseason but that would be unexpected. If he is on the PUP List entering the 2017 Regular Season, then he will be there until the Vikings 7th game, at the earliest, and must be off by week 10.


There it is. Griffen done. Rhodes and Bradford left to go.

AND we get to hear Teddy’s sweet sweet voice tomorrow.

Eric Strack
Minnesota Sports Fan @RealMNSportsFan

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