Gophers Picked to Win Big Ten West by ESPN FPI

Photo: Jesse Johnson - USA TODAY Sports
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Are you still sleeping on the 2019 Gopher Football team? You shouldn’t be. With the Gophers on the rise and the usual Big Ten West front-runners falling, 2019 is a perfect time for PJ Fleck to make his stamp on the history of Minnesota Gopher Football. Not only is the Big Ten West terrible, but we happen to play all of the bad teams from the Big Ten East this season. See for yourself:

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  • No Michigan
  • No Michigan State
  • No Ohio State

The stars are aligning perfectly as PJ and the Gophers enter 2019 off of the momentum built at the back-half of last season, beating Wisconsin for The Axe and blowing out Purdue.

PJ Fleck saw opportunity in Minnesota for a bunch of reasons. I’d be surprised if playing in the Big Ten West wasn’t one of them. If you can be better than Iowa and Wisconsin, you have a chance to play in the Rose Bowl with just one victory over the East champions.

And the timing couldn’t be any better. As we grow out of our youth over the next few years and recruiting classes continue to improve… well, it’s time to start winning baby.:

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Ryan Burns of came on the Minnesota Sports Fan Podcast last week and talked about the Gophers chances in 2019 and how recruiting is going for 2020. If you are here to read this then you will probably want to hear that podcast.

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