Eric Curry Suffers Another Knee Injury; Out Indefinitely

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Wow, this is an ugly bombshell. Eric Curry looks to have suffered an injury on his right knee. If you’ve been following his progress back from his left knee injury, and then the foot surgery that he had with 7 games remaining last season (per Fuller’s article attached), then you know Curry was on the verge of being back to full-time duty. But now, Marcus Fuller is being told by sources inside the Gopher Basketball covenant, that the Redshirt Junior out of Memphis Tennessee, is out indefinitely with an injury to his RIGHT knee (NOT the same one that he spent ’17-’18 recovering from).

What a sad turn of events. Eric Curry just can’t catch a fucking break and I feel really bad for this guy. I can’t imagine rehabbing that long for two separate injuries, and then suffering what seems like another major injury to his only naturally-healthy knee. I want to take this moment to remind everyone that we don’t know exatly what the injury is yet, but Marcus doesn’t seem to be very positive about it. IF this injury is indeed worst-case scenario, with a torn ACL or something of that nature, I wish him the best on getting right mentally and moving forward in whatever way he sees best.

As for the Gophers, this means more minutes for Alihan Demir, Michael Hurt, and Jarvis Omersa. I’ve written and talked about it before; Alihan Demir, the Grad-Transfer from Drexel, is going to be a massive part of this team. I expect him to assume a lot of the role we saw Jordan Murphy in last year, with Pitino’s high-low post game. He won’t be as big of a factor on the boards but he has a money outside shot, which Murphy obviously lacked. So defenders won’t be able to flood the paint and sag back when the ball is at the top of the key.

Other News: The Gophers picked up their first commitment for the 2020 class last night with a 4-star out of Chicago, Martice Mitchell. I’ll have more on his commitment plus other big time rumblings later today.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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