Entire 2021 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament to be Held at One Location

Photo: Brad Rempel - University of Minnesota

The 68-team NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, or “March Madness” as most normal people call it, will now be held at one singular location in 2021. It’s looking like Indianapolis, according to Jeff Goodman (Stadium).

US Bank Stadium was supposed to host the 2021 Midwest Regional Bracket but that will not be the case anymore.

This is a smart thing for the NCAA to do. They need to make sure they do whatever they can to make March Madness happen. The money lost because of cancelling 2020’s tournament cannot afford to be repeated.

This likely turns into a bubble scenario because that’s what makes the most sense. Hopefully we’ll be coming out of this whole thing by March but the NCAA can’t gamble on that risk. Everyone is learning from a distance anyway so a bubble shouldn’t be nearly as difficult as it normally would be.

Fan Bubble

If the NCAA was smart they would also start collecting money from fans who want to pay to be a part of a March Madness “fan bubble”, where fans can be sequestered in Indianapolis (or wherever this is held), separate from the players and coaches, so they can be a part of the activities too.

The NCAA Tournament won’t be the same without fans and the league would be heralded by the sports world if they are the first to return people to stadium seats safely. You can guarantee there are fans itching out there who would pay premium dollar to be a part of something like this.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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