Ed Conroy, Liam Robbins Uncle, Wants to Remain on Gopher Coaching Staff

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Typing words about the state of flux within the Minnesota Gophers men’s basketball program seems monotonous at this point. I guess that’s what happens when you write most of the blogs on your own site. But this piece of news is a bit different. Someone wants to stay here.

According to Darren Wolfson (Monday’s episode of The Scoop podcast), assistant head coach Ed Conroy wants to remain at the University of Minnesota and coach on the bench of the next head coach, whoever that may be. As some may know, Conroy is the uncle of Liam Robbins and supposedly the reason why Liam is here. So this is good news for anyone who wants to see Robbins in maroon and gold next season.

I’ve already written blogs about the other two bullet points in this tweet and in this clip. If the Gophers want to pay for Eric Musselman (Arkansas), they can get him. At the least, he’d love to listen to their offer. It’s not just Doogie saying this, others say the same. Not everyone agrees with why Muss would listen to Minnesota offers but that’s for another blog.

I’m due for a “Part III” for Minnesota head coaching options, but most of the candidates that have been discussed or have any smoke burning from their camp, were written about HERE, HERE and HERE.

Back to Conroy/Robbins

The big breaking news to take from this clip, is Ed Conroy’s desire to remain on the Minnesota bench, no matter the next head coach. Conroy is a well-respected assistant coach and he’s been doing it for a long time. He’s also been on the Gopher staff for the last four seasons. You’d think he’d be a great guy to have around for a coach trying to settle in for a debut season.

“Ed Conroy, associate head coach for the Gophers, would love to remain on staff. So, that’s Liam Robbins’ uncle. Conroy would like to stay regardless of who the next coach is. He would like to stay here and help out the Gophers.”

Darren Wolfson – The Scoop Podcast (Above)

It’s not all about keeping Liam Robbins… but let’s be real, that certainly makes him worth keeping around on its own.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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