WR Dylan Wright Leaves Gopher FB Program

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Dylan Wright transferred to the University of Minnesota from Texas A&M back in 2020 and immediately became the most talented wide receiver in the locker room. A former high school track phenom and 4-star football prospect, Dylan stood out immediately at spring practices and during scrimmages.

Dylan Wright no long with Gopher football

But two seasons later, Wright has failed to meet his high-talent expectations. He’s been in and out of the lineup and in and out of the coaching staff’s good graces. He’s made absurd in-game grabs and displayed disappointing on-field mannerisms. But now, according to Ryan Burns (247Sports), Dylan has left the Gopher football program.

Last week, Dylan Wright’s name was removed from the Gophers online roster. After talking with multiple sources, my intel says that Dylan didn’t return to Minnesota after spring break, which the team was back on campus on March 12th. PJ Fleck was asked about Wright today and confirmed that Wright isn’t with the team currently.

Ryan Burns – GopherIllustrated.com (247Sports)

Dylan cannot enter the transfer portal until May 1 because he has already transferred one time during his college career. If he is, in fact, done with the Gophers for good, then his other option is to drop down to the FCS level, where he would be eligible immediately.

What could have been…

While I can’t say this development is a surprise, it is sad. Wright had such a bright future and he has NFL written all over his capabilities. Some dudes just cannot put it all together.

Wright amassed 645 yards on 35 receptions, during his two seasons in maroon and gold. All three of his touchdowns were highlight worthy. Here’s to Dylan “don’t call him Dylan” Wright’s career with the Minnesota Gophers. Hopefully he finds whatever it is that could make him great.

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