Draymond Puts Gobert in Sleeper Hold During Wolves vs Warriors Scuffle

The Minnesota Timberwolves and Golden State Warriors are playing their second-straight game tonight, at Chase Center, and things got hostile immediately after tip-off. Jaden McDaniels tried to crash the offensive glass around Klay Thompson, who grabbed his jersey and didn’t want to let it go, even after the play was over.

McDaniels, Green, Thompson all tossed from Wolves vs Warriors

Then, as teammates from both teams were trying to get a handle on what was happening between McDaniels and Thomson, Draymond Green came up from behind Rudy Gobert and put him in a sleeperhold that he did not want to let go of. It was quite the scene.

When the dust settled and referees got done reviewing the tape, Green, Thompson and McDaniels were all tossed from the game. All of this happened before a point was scored in the contest.

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The hostility between these two teams goes back to their first matchup of the season, which was just two nights ago. That’s when Draymond Green fouled Anthony Edwards and then got loud when Ant let him know the unnecessary contact was unwarranted.

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