Draymond Green Puts Anthony Edwards on Blast for ‘Outlandish’ All-Star Weekend Behavior

Anthony Edwards
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Minnesota Timberwolves budding superstar Anthony Edwards is coming off the second NBA All-Star appearance of his career and, health permitting, there are sure to be several more. Aging Golden State Warriors unicorn Draymond Green is an extremely accomplished defensive stalwart, who has now watched two consecutive All-Star games from his couch. They are not the same.

Yet, as mentioned, Green knows a thing or two about playing on a championship level basketball team and what it’s like to play with a teammate who many would consider one of the faces of the NBA, in Steph Curry. Edwards may not have the same experiences as Green, but he is trying to unlock the key to becoming a consistent winner, like Draymond has been, and is also in consideration to be one of the future cornerstones of the NBA.

As you can see, there are parallels, but that’s where the comparisons stop. The only reason we’re talking about a player from the Golden State Warriors is because Draymond Green loves to talk. And he loves to criticize.

Draymond Green Thinks Anthony Edwards Needs To Grow Up

anthony edwards
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Draymond Green has had plenty of opinions about the Minnesota Timberwolves over the years. But now, instead of being a hater, he can’t help but join in on the fun of loving Anthony Edwards. Yet, this is Draymond Green we’re talking about. He still has plenty of hot takes too.

Recently, Green chimed in on Edwards’ actions during the NBA All-Star break, where the Timberwolves star appeared in the Skills Challenge and the actual game portion of the weekend. Let’s just say, Green didn’t like what he saw from the 22-year-old.

“To see somebody like Anthony Edwards, who a lot of people are hailing as the next face of the league, blatantly say ‘we don’t care.’ To me, that was a bit disheartening. A big deal on guy’s resumes is All-Star MVP. We’ve seen Kobe [Bryant] win it over the years, LeBron James, KD. I don’t understand why a young Anthony Edwards wouldn’t want his name next to the likes of those guys.

So, to play defense backwards, to shoot left-handed threes, I thought that was a little outlandish; I thought it was a little crazy. As the face of the NBA, you’re kind of in direct partnership with the NBA to continue to move this thing forward. And maybe Anthony Edwards doesn’t want to be the face of the NBA. But if Anthony Edwards is who I think he is, somebody needs to be teaching him. Someone needs to tell him it’s about more than just being good at basketball.”

Draymond Green sharing his opinion of Anthony Edwards’ All-Star actions

To be fair, Green makes some solid points here. Edwards does have some room to mature, as most 22-year-olds do. It is odd for him to try shooting left-handed unless, you know, he can actually pull it off. We all know you’re talented. That’s not a question.

But then again, this is the All-Star Game we’re talking about. Players are there to put on a show. If it were that serious, you’d see some defense once in a while. And let’s be real, nobody cares or remembers who wins the All-Star Game MVP.

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Draymond should probably worry more about other NBA players taking him seriously. The same guy lecturing Ant about protecting the NBA name is the same guy who was suspended indefinitely earlier this season because he can’t control his temper in games that actually count. Have a little bit of self-awareness at least, right?

Ant clearly has bigger dreams in mind, and it’s obvious winning All-Star MVP isn’t one of them. Even once he touched the ball at the All-Star Game, we saw him and Karl-Anthony Towns play hot potato, nearly re-living a Jackie Moon scene from Semi-Pro. Neither of those players showed any interest in winning MVP, but if there’s one who did later on, it was KAT, who put up 50 points.

But yeah, I’m sure everyone still remembers where they were when unforgettable basketball icon Edward Smith won the All-Star Game MVP back in 1978 for the Buffalo Braves. Maybe Ant can get there next year if only he’d stop taking those damn left-handed shots.

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